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Mad Mandarins, July 10 2020

How to Control Mosquitoes Outdoors

More about mosquitoes:

Are you feeling the itch from those pesky insects yet? As the weather heats up, mosquitoes are becoming more finding their way into our living spaces. Mosquitoes do play an important ecological role — they are food for bats, small fish, and other insects. Conversely, they also carry disease and their bites will keep you up at night itching. Let’s talk about how to deter mosquitoes from your space.

Mosquitoes ideal living space:

The ultimate key to keeping mosquitoes away from your environment is to make it less comfortable for them. Mosquitoes prefer wet, cool areas such as: tall grass near buildings, buckets containing stagnant water, storm drains, irrigation, and septic seepage. Mosquitoes reproduce in water, and can do so even in a space as small as a water cup left outside. Because of this, it is vital to remove water from any spaces it may have been caught. Mosquitoes eggs mature in just four days, so don’t hesitate to clean up any area there could be standing water. Since mosquitoes prefer to be in the shade, keeping grassy or brush areas trimmed is a necessity. Mosquitoes won’t choose to make their home somewhere the sun touches, so ensure that your space doesn’t have overgrown areas that they could hide in. 

Here’s how to protect yourself when you can’t seem to keep the mosquitoes away: 

Interestingly enough, mosquitoes don’t randomly choose who they bite — they are more attracted to individuals with a higher level of carbon dioxide. Individuals who are pregnant or heavier emit more carbon dioxide because their breathing is more rapid. Additionally, alcohol consumption speeds blood flow and increases CO2 production, so those who have been drinking alcohol are also a mosquito attractant. If you are in these groups, be sure to take additional measures to protect yourself. Mosquitoes are hunters — they track their food by following exhaled carbon dioxide trails. Avoid going outside at mosquitoes prime feeding times — dusk and dawn. If you must be outside, wear long-sleeved clothing and insect repellent to protect your skin. 

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Mad Mandarins

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